The Illinois Pawn Association has taken a bold step to promote diversity and empower talented students by awarding scholarships to four exceptional teens from across the state.

Meet Jocelyn Trotter, Micah Grison, Immanuel Ogundipe, and Nyeisha Jones, the bright and driven individuals who demonstrate just how much potential lies within our communities.
This past Sunday, the Illinois Pawn Association awarded $3000 in scholarships to Jocelyn Trotter, Micah Grison, and Immanuel Ogundipe. Jocelyn is currently pursuing Psychology at North Central College, while Micah has her sights set on becoming a doctor at Spelman College. Immanuel will soon begin studying Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois. Nyeisha Jones, who is starting her own health and beauty business, received a $500 scholarship.

Angel Ingram, a proud third-generation pawnbroker and owner/operator of D’Angelos Pawners & Jewelers (6920 S Stony Island Ave, Chicago, IL 60649), continues the family legacy in the industry and stands as a driving force behind the Illinois Pawn Association’s remarkable revival. 
Her grandfather, Frank Ingram, is one of the association’s esteemed founding members. Angel’s unwavering dedication to preserving her family’s heritage and empowering the community is a testament to the transformative power of education and diversity. “Supporting our community is a big part of our family’s business legacy. I’m pleased that the Illinois Pawnbrokers Association is helping bring these scholarships back,” she said.
In 2003, community residents approached Frank asking to use the open vacant lot across the street from his shop for a neighborhood barbeque. He took that opportunity to not only allow the barbeque but also engage with the community and created a legacy of scholarships for many years. Now, his family has partnered with IPA to revive the tradition of supporting their communities with scholarships aimed at students who will be continuing their studies post high-shool.

These scholarships are a testament to the exceptional abilities and aspirations of Jocelyn, Micah, Immanuel, and Nyeisha, setting an inspiring example for the entire community. We celebrate their achievements and emphasize the limitless potential within all of us. Together, we can redefine what it means to excel and create a brighter future for everyone. Let their uplifting stories continue to motivate us as we strive for inclusivity and positivity in our daily lives.